Solid Colours

Solid Colours

The expressive power of colour enhanced by the combination with material effects, offers endless possibilities for customizing furniture and interiors.

To make the entire Solid Colors collection
– made up of 90 decorative papers developed in collaboration with Studio MILO
– available to architects and designers, Cleaf has selected 5 textures reducing their minimum order quantity.
The plaster effect of Ares, the uniformity of Fiocco, the wood effect of Millennium, the leather effect of Primofiore and the geometry of Riga can be purchased from 10 pieces
faced panels format 2800×2070 mm, thickness 08 – 18 – 25 mm and the relative edges – in combination with the entire “palette”.

The warm and cold, delicate and intense shades of the Solid Colors collection can therefore be used to emphasize the character of each project.
Solid Colours
Solid Colours
Solid Colours Solid Colours