Cleaf and Rotpunkt

Cleaf and Rotpunkt

Cleaf and Rotpunkt have a design vision and an industrial method that well explain the Italian and German approach to furniture.
Roberto Caspani and Andreas Wagner talk about some aspects of the partnership between the two companies.


” The features that define a Rotpunkt kitchen are sustainability and customization.
Since 2017 our actions are based on the 17 global goals of the UN for sustainable development of the Agenda 2030, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals.
This decision has already brought many good ideas to light – including some technical innovations. For example, we can produce in batch size 1 at the Getmold site and thus significantly reduce the amount of material waste.
All the panels we use, including those from Cleaf, are FSC® certified.
As for customization every year we introduce new surfaces because we trust in the power of materials to give a new look without changing the shape.
Finally, the height of our kitchens is 91 cm and not 80 cm. We see it’s more comfortable to manage the preparation of food” says Andreas Wagner.


“The collaboration was born in 2011 with the idea of giving a new face to our kitchens.
In these twelve years our kitchens have also changed in some technical aspects. And the Cleaf surfaces into our range have significantly increased.
We want to be the first among Made in Germany kitchen producers to launch new suggestions in terms of tactile and visual effects.
For faced panel and laminate I can say that Cleaf expresses an avant-garde level that no one else reaches.
We are happy to be able to meet with their R&D team to select the effects we believe are most interesting for our products” says Andreas Wagner.

“Rotpunkt industrial approach and research of innovation were immediately stimulating elements to start collaborating.
In these twelve years we have grown together, step by step, getting to know each other more and more.
I am very happy and proud of the journey we have made together and of the ideas that we have passed on to each other.
Maintaining our Italian identity while meeting the needs of the German market is a very interesting process that we are able to carry forward also thanks to the partnership with Rotpunkt” says Roberto Caspani.


“For the German market, September is the most important month.
The exhibition format of the Küchenmeile, the open week of the showrooms of the main German kitchen manufacturers located along the mile east of Hanover, is the most important moment for us to meet customers and to present them the novelties.
Certainly we will include some new Cleaf surfaces” says Andreas Wagner.

“This year the presence of both Salone del Mobile and Interzum gives us the right energy to best launch our latest research on surfaces.
We will introduce two new textures, but I don’t want to reveal anything yet” says Roberto Caspani.
Cleaf and Rotpunkt
Cleaf and Rotpunkt